Papayas: healthy & an efficient fat burner?


This superfood is a sweet, tasty all-rounder: it is rich in vitamin C, makes cellulite disappear, helps reduce inflammation in the body and is particularly rich in antioxidants: papayas.

Originally from Central America, papaya is now grown all over the world and is therefore available in our supermarkets all year round. Its flesh is full of important vitamins and minerals and contains significantly more beta-carotene than carrots.

The enzyme papain is also said to make cellulite disappear and is also said to break down calcium deposits in the blood vessels, which is supposed to protect against thrombosis.

Its often-neglected seeds also help with gastrointestinal problems and are successfully used in the treatment of intestinal parasites due to their antibacterial effects. According to an Australian study, the papaya leaves are even said to be able to stem the growth of cancer cells.


Although papayas are available in the supermarket all year round, they have their peak season from summer to autumn. The skin of the papaya should have an orange-red color when you buy it – papayas with some yellow spots should be left to ripen for a few more days.

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