The end of the bikini figure?


Summer, sun, umbrella drinks, white sand beaches: sounds great? It is…if only there wasn’t the fear of losing your bikini figure when you have spent so much time during the last weeks and months getting in top form for your  holiday.

So how can you survive even a 3-week holiday without massive effects on physical fitness? Objectively speaking, 3 weeks of vacation from training will not harm you – on the contrary: an abstinence of several weeks can even work wonders when it comes to physical regeneration. In the end, a longer break may often be exactly what the body needs to get back on track.

Those who are still plagued by a bad conscience, still have the possibility to visit a fitness studio at the holiday resort and continue where they stopped before the departure. Alternatively, a holiday is also a good chance to set new, unusual training stimuli: many exercises can be done everywhere. Use your body weight or the local facilities. There is no pull-up bar available? No problem…just do your chin-ups on the next crooked palm tree. You can also do dips on 2 different chairs and so on. Concentrate on a higher repetition range – your strength endurance, which is often neglected anyway.


Pull-ups, push-ups, leg rises, dips, burpees, handstands, and much more. Of course, you can always use objects in your environment – like normal water packs. Also highly recommended are gymnastic rings that you can hang on almost any palm tree and that allow you to do a variety of upper body exercises: Ring Dips, Ring Fly’s, Muscle-Ups, Ring Pull-Ups, Ring Rows etc.It is also advisable to deviate from your normal routine when it comes to nutrition. Not only do you ruin your vacation when you start tracking your macros and paying attention to the number of meals you eat, but it is also good for your body to take a break from its normal routine.

Studies have shown that every once in a while, periods of low protein consumption greatly increase protein synthesis afterwards. So as soon as you return to your routine after your holiday, you can get even more out of your training.

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