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Our exclusive workout-ebook allows you to get the full advantage of your new training tools from the very beginning and to thereby achieve your fitness goals even quicker!

Depending on your specific piece of equipment, around 50 pages of varied training specifications, tips and tricks for a more efficient workout and a lot more are awaiting you!

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How to access your guide:

  • Choose the product you purchased and click on „download guide“
  • Enter the password that you’ll find at the product insert of your new bemaxx sports equipment
  • Should you not have received a password or encounter any other difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Balance Pad Board

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pull up bands

Pull Up Resistance Bands

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Gym Bands

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Loop Bands Set Textile

Download Guide

Loop Bands

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Foot Straps

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Pull Up Bar

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Jump Rope

Speed Rope

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jumprope 2

Speed Rope II

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Pull Up Bands Textile

Pull Up Bands Textile

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gym rings

Gym Rings

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Resistance Bands Set

Resistance Band Set

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Balance Cushion

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How about a digital personal trainer?

How about a digital personal trainer?

Train with smart and highly efficient workouts, customized to your individual fitness level and your goals.

You can look forward to 400 workout videos including CrossFit, Calisthenics, Yoga and much more, different fitness-challegenes as well as exercises with the pull-up bar, kettlebells and other sports equipment. 

With our exclusive coupon code bemaxx@summfit our customers can enjoy one month free premium access to the SUMMFIT BODYWEIGHT APP and test all of this for free!

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