Speed Rope

BeMaxx Fitness Speed Rope

This smart and functional skipping rope is the right choice for individual home and outdoors workouts, double unders, MMA, boxing, bodybuilding or personal fitness training.
With its ergonomic anti-slip handles with integrated 90°-vertical stainless steel ball bearing and adjustable 10ft high speed wire cable it is designed to fit all your individual needs and to support you to make the best possible progress and reach all the goals you set for yourself.


  • Smooth 90°-vertical ball bearings turn for super fast and easy spinning
  • Massive, replaceable 10ft non-kinking wire cable with PVC jacket that can be easily adjusted to any height
  • Unique anti-slip handles for the perfect grip even during intense exercise sessions
  • Premium quality, safe and ultra durable
  • Compact and easily portable with included carry case
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